Let’s try this anew. Fresh. I’m a big believer in fresh starts. Because fresh is awesome. 

Allow me to reintroduce myself. This is my story and then I shall be off and running once more here.


I’ve been writing since Mrs. Tippie chose my story about an owl family and shared it with my 2nd grade classmates, declaring it “one of the finest stories” she’d ever read. Mrs. Tippie failed at teaching me how to borrow and regroup in Math, but she is one of the catalytic reasons I continue to express myself best via written word to this day.

Since then, I have written middle school sappy romances involving boy bands and various muscle-y superheroes and emo soap opera stars I desperately wished would love me. I have a stack of journals full of my progress (and many times DEgress) through life as a young adult to (as my 9 year old daughter calls it) a middle-aged woman. In 2005, I discovered blogging. Over the years, I have maintained (and abandoned) numerous blogs.

     In 2015, I separated from my husband and my daughter and I moved to an apartment. I met two men who flipped my world upside down  in bad ways, and eventually in 2017 I gave up writing altogether.
    While I firmly subscribe to the belief that bad people do good things and good people do bad things, that we are all a mixture of light and dark, and I am certainly no exception, I’m also healing from some really terrible people I let in over the last few years. Whenever I’ve struggled with hard things and weird feelings and anger and sorrow and fear and just general “wtf is wrong with the world and other people??” thoughts, the one thing that always helped me work through icks like that is words – reading other people’s and writing my own. Because stories heal us. They connect and teach us, and help us examine ourselves. And they heal us. Even when they connect us to bad people. Those teach us, too. Because we are made of stories.
    And that’s mine.
anne l

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  1. We all have to pass thruogh alot of shit to get from point A to point B and every other damn point. Looks as if you’ve had your fill. Take that, own it, make those experiences thrive in the written word. Never lose sight of the two most important things, your daughter and yourself. Win the day good lady, thank you for sharing.

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